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Onsite Safety, is our priority.

The importance of safety is often realized too late.  Our experience in the field insures that every risk is identified, every hazard assessed and dealt with in an efficient, professional matter.  Rain City Pump is confined space certified, and fully equipped for all entries.


Let's get it done safely.

Confined Spaces continue to be a fatal hazard for workers everywhere.  Despite increased awareness and regulations, the reality is that Confined Spaces are still killing workers and would-be rescuers.  The CSA estimates that 60% of all fatalities in Canada are bystanders, often other employees or family members trying to help.


With Rain City Pump Solutions, you solve all of these problems with one professional, highly trained, expert, and cost-effective solution.  Managing your confined spaces can be a tough job - but we're here to help!   

Due to their high risk potential, the regulations surrounding Confined Space Entry have grown and may be different from one jurisdiction to another.  Hazard Assessments, Rescue Pre-Plans, ventilation, air monitoring, worker training, hole watch, rescue team assembly, equipment purchases, and appropriate documentation may all be required - keeping on top of all these elements can be a challenge.

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